Floor Care

A selection of standard and premium floor care products that will clean, prepare, protect and preserve your floors.

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 British Nova Multipurpose Sanitizer 2 x 5L
Cleans, deodorises and disinfects.  Ideal product for the food industry, nursing homes, surgeri..
 British Nova One  2 x 5L
This efficient solvent-free cleanser is a combination of carefully selected chemical components se..
 British Nova Plex 2 x 5L
A water-based stone and concrete sealer leaving a semi-permanent finish. Tough and durable. 2 x 5..
 British Nova Restorer/Maintainer 2 x 5L
British Nova Restorer/Maintainer is a highly concentrated product which is formulated for use on a r..
 British Nova Shield  2 x 5L
'NOVASHIELD' Floor Dressing is a metallised acrylic, water-based emulsion. It gives a clear, hard ..
 British Nova Treet   2 x 5L
A crysallising, dry residue shampoo. After use it dries to an almost invisible powder which is later..
 British Nova Wood Gloss   2 x 5L
NOVA WOOD GLOSS A tough, durable polyurethane and acrylic sealer which gives a hard wearing gloss fi..
 British Novacryl -   Acrylic Sealer/Primer  2 x 5l
NOVACRYL - Acrylic Sealer/Primer  'NOVACRYL' is an advanced formula, "high solids", water-..
 OUT OF STOCK British Nova Starbrite 2 x 5L
An effective fragranced emulsion polish stripper without ammonia.  Will not affect linoleum p..
British Nova Care NOVABAK  Colour Restorer 2 x 5L
NOVABAK Colour Restorer  A mild acid cleanser specifically designed to remove brown stains..
British Nova Cross 2 x 5L
Multipurpose Sanitizer A multipurpose neutral cleanser that cleans, deodorises and sanitizes. Als..
British Nova Cut  2 x 5L
A heavy duty pre-spotter for high traffic areas or a pre-treatment for particularly dirty carpets ..
British Nova Liquid 99  2 x 5L
A super concentrated biodegradable liquid cleanser for use on floors, walls and other hard surface..
British Nova Lite  2 x 5L
A neutral low foam carpet shampoo for use in hot water extraction machines.  Always test for ..
British Nova Long-Life - Gloss 2 x 5L
Gloss Finish Water based sealer. Nova's flagship solids-rich metallised emulsion dressing. Can be..